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UNION 368x420 SmartExt mag

Новый номер
02 апреля - 05 апреля
Plastimagen Мехико, Мексика

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Журнал Extrusion International USA

Общая информация:

Язык: Английский
Частота выхода: 6 раз в год
Тираж: 6.900 экземпляров

География распространения:

Азия (31,9%), Америка (38,8%), Европа (24,2%), Африка (3,5%), Австралия (1,6%)

Periodizität: 8 Ausgaben pro Jahr
International USA 2-2019

Рекламодатели номера:

Being Self-Employed in the Extrusion Industry for 10 Years – A Conclusion

Josef Dobrowsky did not know where his journey would lead him when he first started his own engineering office. Nowadays anything else is unimaginable for him

Inline Measurement of the Inner Cross-Section Geometry of Extruded Products

Measurement of inner cross-section geometry with ProfilControl 7 ICSM: New inline system from Pixargus is the first to alsomeasure the rate of recycledmaterial

Pressure Former for Hygienic and Cost-effective Production of PP Packaging

At IndiaPlast ILLIG showed the latest RV 53d pressure former with 3 bar support for high output of perfect thinwalled thermoformed parts out of i.e. PP, PS or PET

Ultra-Fine Microperforation sets New Standards in Melt Filtration

With unprecedented filtration fineness of 60 µm, Ettlinger’s ECOmelt fi lters will in the future make it easier to treat recycledmaterial for the film, packaging tape and fiber industry

Safer Food – Less Waste

At ICE Europe 2019, the Fraunhofer Institutes IAP, IGB and FEP presented innovative technologies for sustainable food packaging. They each have extensive expertise in processing, process development and control, the development of special polymer films and the deposition of ultra-thin layers for the packaging industry

Larger Capacities in Europe and Asia

The Italian SIMPLAS offers larger capacities in the production and service of dies for film and sheet extrusion. The tool manufacturing facilities of the Austrian partner – Greiner Extrusion in Austria, the Czech Republic and China are used as platforms



Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
Industry news 08
Calendar 08
K 2019 Düsseldorf: New Technologies as Drivers of Innovation for a Productive and Responsible Today, Tomorrow and Future 08
ICE Europe 2019: Record for Exhibition Space, Exhibitor and Visitor Numbers 11
CHINAPLAS 2019 to highlight Circular Economy 12
Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2019 13
Festive Inauguration in India 14
Group Continues to Grow 14
Management Team strengthened 16
Acquisition 16
Acquisition 17
Market Study: Rigid Plastic Packaging – World 18
Remote Service 18
Growing Recycling Market 19
Efficient Automation 20
Seven-Layer Line 20
Reinforcement for 100 % Food Grade PET Business 21
Co-Extrusion Crosshead for Irrigation Tubing 22
Battery Separator Film Production 22
Vibrarion Bottom – Easy to Clean 23
New COLORexTM Color Mixer 24
New Form, Cut, Stack Thermoformer for MediumVolume Packaging Production developed 24
Breakthrough Hybrid Evaporative Cooling System launched 25
Precise Control of Temperature Process 25
Industry News USA 26
Plastics Machinery Shipments Finished Strong in 2018 26
First Responder Phone Number launched 26
New Plant in the U.S. 27
Grand Opening of First Plant in U.S. 27
Vice President promoted 28
Precision Film Casting with Venturi Dryer 28
Innovative Slitting and Winding Solutions presented 29
Water-Based Primer and Coating Solutions exhibited at ICE USA 29
Interplastica 2019 – Russia’s Economy is Picking Up 30
Interviews: 31
GN Thermoforming: We are pleased with trend towards environmentally friendly solutions 31
Tecnova: Russia is an interesting yet special market 31
MIXACO: It is Time to Develop Russian Market 32
Friul Filiere: We are a company that is a step ahead 33
Ihne & Tesch: Russian Customers understand Technical Thinking of our Company 33
Pipe Extrusion – Interview 34
Being Self-Employed in the Extrusion Industry for 10 Years – A Conclusion 34
Asiamold 2019 36
The 13th Asiamold witnessed an Outstanding Attendance Increase 36
Connecting Bright Minds 37
Measurement Technology 38
Using Measuring Technique to ist Full Potential 38
Extrusion Technology 39
Larger Capacities in Europe and Asia 39
Measurement Technology 40
All Components in View – Measure Any Offshore Flexible 40
Quality Inspection of Plastics 42
Inline Inspection System with Pioneering Technology 42
Measurement Technology 44
Inline Measurement of the Inner Cross-Section Geometry of Extruded Products 44
Recycling of PET 46
Ultra-Fine Microperforation sets New Standards in Melt Filtration 46
Thermoforming 48
Pressure Former for Hygienic and Cost-effective Production of PP Packaging 48
Packaging Films – From the Research 50
Safer Food – Less Waste 50

Extrusion International USA — 2019

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