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Extrusion 3-2020


Extrusion 3-2020

25 августа - 27 августа
rosplas, Москва, Россия

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International 5-2018

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New Advertising Campaign “Art in Color Dosing”

Moretto presents the new advertising campaign “Art in color dosing” dedicated to DPK gravimetric loss-inweight doser, recently launched on the market. DPK completes the full range of Moretto’s dosers and solves the overdosing problemwith a very precise control.

Friul Filiere: A new downstream to celebrate its 40th anniversary

This year Friul Filiere is celebrating its 40thanniversary and FAKUMA 2018 will be a great opportunity to celebrate its 40th anniversary showing the latest technological developments, first of all among them, the brand new downstream Futura40.

Getecha: Innovative granulators - Individualisation is the key

The hopper of the GRS 180 (type A 00246) at the Fakuma stand of Getecha is also equipped with this flexible gateway function. Here, loading can be performed for example with a sprue picker from the portfolio of Getecha. The feeding process including the gateway function is regulated by a higher control in this case.

FEDDEM: More than just extruders

The FEDDEMs FED 26 MTS extruder is particularly well suited for product developments and as a pilot plant in production. The 34 kWmotor iswater-cooled and has a torque limiting clutch and hightorque transmission that ensure top performance. With a base length of 42 L/D and a 10 L/D module to extend the processing length to 52 L/D, this extruder can also be used for products requiring a longer dwell time.

Flow Dynamics of Extrusion Tooling

Medical tubing and jacketed products must be produced to confirm to very tight tolerances, often wall thickness(es) and diameter(s) being inspected to tolerances lower than 0.0004”/.01mm.

An interview with Philipp G. Weber, Hch. Kündig & Cie. AG: “We want to make sure it’s our customers that come back to us and not our products.”

Mr. Weber, Managing Director and current owner of Hch. Kündig & Cie. AG “The company constantly expanding our product range… One example is the K-500 contact capacitive film thickness gauge with extremely low-wear sintered ceramic surfaces. When combined with our patented rotational scanner, the Rotomat KT, a transversal thickness profile can be measured within 36 seconds, without any losses in the measuring accuracy.



Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
“... take a look at the upcoming FAKUMA” 08
industry news 11
FAKUMA 2018 Preview 26
Trade Fair for Everyone 27
Friul Filiere: A new downstream to celebrate its 40th anniversary 28
Gneuss: Further Development of Rotary Filter for Plastic Melts 30
Getecha: Innovative granulators - Individualisation is the key 32
Maag: From raw material production through to recycling systems 34
Gamma Meccanica: The growing success of the GM Tandem lines produced 36
Brabender Technologie: When speed matters: Easy Change version of FlexWall® Plus 37
SIKORA: Premiere of the PURITY CONCEPT V for optical offline inspection and analysis of plastic material 38
DREYPLAS: Unique UHMW-PE can be processed directly in injection moulding and extrusion 40
plasticWOOD: The green concept for extrusion and injection molding 41
FEDDEM: More than just extruders 42
WIWOX: Cleaning concepts for plastics production 43
FB BALZANELLI: Automatic coiler for PE presure pipes up to 10” (250 mm) 44
Moretto: Concept of Efficiency 4.0 45
AKRO-PLASTIC: Focusing on plastic-metal composites and alternatives to PA 6.6 for lightweight construction 48
FKuR: Heat-resistant PLA compounds and versatile bioplastics for extrusion, injection molding and thermoforming 49
Ettlinger: Melt filtration in challenging applications, smaller screen size for PET recycling 50
PIOVAN GROUP: Features from Piovan, Aquatech and Fdm brands 52
Exhibitor Notes 54
Flow Dynamics of Extrusion Tooling 56
Die Heads will be fit again 58
An interview with Philipp G. Weber, Hch. Kündig & Cie. AG: “We want to make sure it’s our customers that come back to us and not our products.” 60
Meaning of “measuring rate”, “averaging” and “accuracy” when investing in a measuring device 64
Primac once again hits the mark 62
CHINAPLAS 2019 Paves the Way to Plastics’ Future 66

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